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4 Style Tips For Wearing Men’s Rings

Whether taking advice from Bruno Mars with your pinky ring up to the moon or bringing back the days when men knew how to accessorise, wearing rings is officially here to stay. Learn how to style yours with 4 easy-to-follow tips and check out our bestsellers for inspiration.

What do Egyptian pharaohs, Viking raiders and Ottoman sultans have in common?

They all wore rings.

We think it’s time for men's rings to get the attention they deserve. They’re not just for royalty and you don’t need a Grammy-winning rap album to wear one (or 2) with style.

Men's rings have come a long way from the Viking Age and now run the gamut from clean, simple Titanium bands to over-the-top Moody Mason rings.

Your next ring is out there – from signet rings worthy of Odin’s blessing to elegantly masculine rings adorned with a black Onyx … and you won’t have to cross the Atlantic or raid an English village to find it.

How to Wear Men's Rings with Style

1. Wear With Confidence

Want to know the greatest style secret known to man?

No matter what piece of men’s jewellery you wear, wear it with confidence.

Wearing a ring for the first time will feel a little odd. You’ll feel its weight and that can be uncomfortable for someone just toe-dipping in the jewellery pool.

Opt for a lightweight ring to begin with. Try a band around 8mm (5/16”) and see how it feels.

At the end of the day, confidence is what makes your ring look its best. If you’re worried that you’ll walk around with your hands in your pockets all day… maybe a ring isn’t for you.

2. Go for Comfort

Comfort and confidence go hand in hand. It’s tough feeling confident if your wrists hurt from overcrowded finger bling.

  • Which hand do you work with?
  • Do you shake hands a lot?
  • Do you have to type all day?
  • Does your work or school require you to look a certain way?

Answering these questions will help you decide how many rings you need and how large they should be. You can always save the dramatic stuff for a night out and stick to simple, smaller pieces during the day.

Which hand should you wear a ring on?

While there are many opinions on the subject, there aren’t any definite rules. The exception is with your wedding ring – in Denmark, it’s traditionally worn on the ring finger of your left hand. Although, a quick poll of our office proves this isn’t always the case! A prime example that going for comfort is more important than tradition.

What about which finger to wear your ring on? Click here to see the difference between a pinky ring and a guy who wears one on his index finger.

3. Match Metals & Skin Tone

Style influencer Michele Fedecostante suggests picking one colour of metal and building around that. “To keep my look on point, I make sure the rings match my necklace or bracelets. I don’t mix silver and gold, but I will wear black and gold or black and silver.“

The main reason for wearing metals that match is to keep your look clean and uncluttered. That being said, we’ve seen socks and sandals grow from the dad-only category to mainstream acceptance (thanks, Beckham) – so who says rules are meant to be broken.

Wearing 1 ring with both metals (silver- and gold-toned) gives you permission to choose any colour for your other rings, bracelet or watch. It makes your choice look deliberate instead of like you got dressed in the dark.

Speaking of dark (or light)… matching metals to your skin tone is another way to make sure your jewellery isn’t distracting and that your final look is as polished as possible

How do you determine your skin tone

  1. Stop what you’re doing and look at the veins on the inside of your wrist.
  2. What colour are they? If they appear blue, you have a cool skin tone. If they appear green, you have a warmer skin tone.

What colour metal ring will look the best?

  • Cool Skin Tone: Rings made of silver, silver-tone steel, platinum and Titanium work well.
  • Warm Skin Tone: Rings made from gold, gold-tone steel, rose-gold and brass will complement nicely.

Looking for a man's ring with a gemstone? Check out red, blue, purple and green for cooler skin tones. And orange, brown, yellow or turquoise for warmer tones.

4. Keep it Simple (or Don’t)

If you’re just starting out with men’s rings, remember that less is more. Unless you know you have the confidence (and comfort level) to rock a handful of man bling, opt for 1 or 2 pieces and build from there. Concentrate on one hand and wear your rings on fingers that aren’t touching.

João Nunes , fashion influencer, suggests, “I have 3 rings that I wear daily. I put 2 on one hand – any more than that and it makes my hand look too heavy – and 1 on the other. When you do wear more than 1 ring, choose pieces that are similar in style or colour.”

A great ‘starter’ ring is the signet ring. Slip one on your ring finger and you’re done. Put the signet ring on the opposite hand when wearing it with a wedding band.

Focus on Balance

It all comes down to visual weight. It’s important that your look is not symmetrical, but that one side is slightly visually heavier than the other.

Do you wear a wedding ring and watch on one hand? Then add 2 rings on the other. The idea is to not have both hands/wrists look equally adorned.

If you only want 1 extra ring (besides your wedding ring), play around with how it looks on the opposite hand. It may work better on the same side as your wedding band. The mirror will be your best friend here. Your best friend will also be your mirror – don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Balance also applies to the actual size of the rings. If you’re working with stubby digits, a larger ring will look proportional – vice versa if you’re scrolling with long, thin fingers.

Your Ring Will Tell A Story

From a simple ceramic band to a steel monkey skull ring, the ring you choose will say something about you.

''Wearing and styling rings is a lifestyle. Sometimes guys, like myself, are hesitant about wearing jewellery because we have a hard time accessorising. We only think about the wedding ring... but hey, you can put on any ring you want.

I wear rings because I want to, not because of tradition or trends. Like any accessory, if you instinctively like it, you’ll wear it well – no second thoughts. You’ll see the one that expresses your character and you’ll just know that it’s the one to help tell your story.'' – Carlos Nóbrega

Expressing your story is about taking that first step. Use our tips as a guideline, but if you want to mix metals, toss visual weight out the door and totally disregard skin tone… you are allowed to do that.

It’s your story. And with confidence, you can rock anything.

4 Types of Rings to Get Started

Men’s Signet Rings

Men’s Rings with Stones

Ceramic Rings for Men

Men’s Statement Rings

You Asked – We Answered

How many rings should a man wear at once?

Even though you have 10 fingers, we recommend no more than 3 rings per hand. Of course you can wear more, but as a general rule (and one that won’t hurt your wrist) stick to three.

How many rings can I wear on one hand without looking sleazy?

The real question is how many rings can you wear without FEELING sleazy? If that’s 2, then there’s your answer. If it’s 10… go for it, bro.

What does wearing a ring on each finger mean?

It means you like rings. And it probably means you don’t type a lot during your day.

Read more about men’s thumb rings or pinky rings here .

Which hand should men wear their wedding ring on?

In the UK, it’s customary for men to wear their wedding band on the left hand.

Is it wrong to wear a ring on your ring finger if you're not married or engaged?

Your ring finger doesn’t do much of anything – you don’t use it to point or give a thumbs up and it’s not the one you flip up in bad traffic or pinky swear with your 10-year-old niece… It's kinda perfect for a ring.

Be aware that if you show up to work on Monday wearing a silver- or gold-tone band, your colleagues may ask if you got married over the weekend.

How should my ring fit?

When buying a man’s ring, make sure your ring is loose enough to twist around your finger without discomfort.

You want it to feel comfortable without worrying that it’ll slide off every time you wash your hands.

Are rings for men fashionable?

Men’s rings is one of our best-selling categories worldwide. Not only are they fashionable, but they’re also capable of helping you make a statement without having to speak.

If you’re looking for social proof of their position in fashion, check out celebrities from Zayn to Orlando Bloom to Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth.

With men's rings, do I need to match metals?

Need is a strong word. Do you need water to survive? Yes. Do you need to match metals in order to continue life on the planet? Eh.

Matching metals is an easy way to achieve an uncluttered, refined look. The benefits of doing so far outweigh the time required to make sure your belt buckle matches your ring.

What kind of ring should a man wear on a date?

Dressing for a date depends on 2 things – where you’re going and who you’re going with.

If you’re headed out to a concert in jeans and a leather jacket, go bold with a statement ring.

Booked a table where there’s valet parking and a waiting list? Stick with a solid-coloured ring – like a metal or ceramic band – or an understated signet ring with or without a coloured stone.

How to start wearing rings for men?

The first step to wearing any male jewellery is to begin.

If you’re new to the accessory game, start with one simple piece – like a men’s stainless steel ring. Avoid anything too flashy or large, and make sure to match metals for an uncluttered look.

What kind of ring should a man wear every day?

The ring you wear daily is the one that doesn’t cramp your style or get in your way. Do you work with your hands all day? Then maybe a large statement ring will be cumbersome.

You can’t go wrong with a classic band that combines durable materials (like ceramic rings or a man’s stainless steel ring) and clean lines (nothing too intricate or detailed). Just make sure that the colour you choose matches your outfit.

What are the stereotypes behind guys with rings?

At Trendhim, we’re not concerned with stereotypes – we believe every guy deserves to be free in telling his story.

Will someone have a preconceived idea about your ring? Sure. Will someone tell you that you can’t wear a ring on your middle, index or pinky finger? Probably.

Do you need to concern yourself with someone’s idea of what you should be doing? Nope.

What does a man’s ring symbolise?

Rings for men have been popular throughout history – from the ancient Egyptians weaving papyrus rings to the Irish ‘Claddagh Ring’ given as a symbol of friendship and love.

Even the powerful One Ring got an entire movie about its symbolism.

Your ring can stand for whatever you want it to. It’s part of your story and it’s your choice.

What can you have engraved on a man's ring?

If you want your ring to symbolise something special, consider a personalised engraving.

Not sure what to engrave? Click here for our ideas and inspiration for your next custom order.

What are the current trends in guy’s rings in the UK?

In the UK, signet rings are the current trend. Coloured gemstones are also wildly popular.

Remember that trends come on go, but a ring with classic style and clean lines won’t go out of fashion at the end of the season.

What is the best ring for a man?

The best ring for a man is the one he (or you!) will actually wear. There’s 0 point in spending hours searching for the perfect ring if it ends up sitting on the dresser.

With a massive variety of styles and metals to choose from, you’ll want to do your research before you go shopping for men’s rings in the UK.

If you’re looking for something that looks good and won’t break the bank, shop our collection of over 300 unique styles.

A few popular metals for men’s rings include:

  • Titanium Rings for Men – lightweight and super durable
  • Tungsten Rings for Men – extremely hard and ultra-durable
  • Men’s Stainless Steel Ringsdurable, strong and affordable
  • Men’s 925S Silver Rings – lightweight, durable and stronger than gold
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